Our Mission

This coffee is purchased directly from the hard working farmers of Central Kenya who have been the front runners of the best Arabica coffee sold throughout the world for over a century. We are motivated by the idea of bringing this “Gold Premium Kenyan Coffee Experience” to every American home by the year 2030.

Our ultimate goal is to participate in various development projects in rural Kenya. We have exchange programs and initiatives in place to assist in supporting education and implementation of fair trade practices.

It is our duty to empower the farmer’s and their families so they can in turn add to the value chain. Our Mission is to develop economic models that would allow for accurate predictions of necessary minimums for land, harvest and price to create an economically viable scenario for small-scale coffee farmers and coffee exporters/importers. The relationships between all key factors as well as where intervention is necessary in any given market conditions. These models should also provide a framework for policy makers to utilize when considering effective rural investment strategies


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